Yet he commands others to it..

The poet said:
 وغير تقي يأمر الناس بالتقى
 طبيب يداوي الناس وهو عليل
The one who lacks Taqwa, yet commands the people to it. Is like a doctor who treats the people yet he himself is sick!

The dunya is a place..

Below is a quote that is attributed to Ali RA. However, according to ibn Rajab in his master piece known as Jami’ Al-Uloom wal-Hikam, there is some discussion with regards to the strength of the chain (sanad). Yet, I felt it has some very interesting points that we can benefit from it. Allah knows best

الدنيا دار صدق لمن صدقها ودار غنا لمن تزود منها ودار نجاة لمن فهم عنها فهي مهبط وحي الله ومصلي

انبياء الله ومتجر اولياء الله ربحوا فيها الرحمة وأكتسبوا فيها الجنة

الدنيا دار صدق لمن  صدقها

The dunya is a place of truth for the one who is truthful to it

ودار غنا لمن تزود منها 

A place of richness for the one who taken his provisions from it.

ودار نجاة لمن فهم عنها

A place of salvation for the one who has understood it.

 فهي مهبط وحي الله

For it is where the revelation of Allah descended.

ومصلي انبياء الله

And the place of prayer for the Prophet’s of Allah.

 ومتجر اولياء الله
And the market place for the friends of Allah.
 ربحوا فيها الرحمة وأكتسبوا فيها الجنة
Wherein they gained Mercy and earned paradise.