Build a library: hasanaat even after you die!‏

Received this as an email from a brother. May Allah reward him:

As-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

A brother I know personally has a project to build a public library within a masjid in Nairobi called Makina Masjid. The first step is to build an Islamic (arabic) library. Many books have already been donated by brothers from the UK and shipped to Kenya.

There are many other books that are required (see the link below). Insha’Allah the books will be purchased in Cairo (book fair begins in about a week!), and then shipped to Nairobi.

The link to view the required books is:…ROZFE6MA#gid=0

Please read the message below for additional motivation!

Please forward this message to your mailing lists.



السلام عليكم


We are currently collecting books for Makina Masjid Library situated in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of this project is to promote reading culture among the Muslims who live in a very poor area in the capital city. We all know the importance of seeking knowledge and of Sadaqat-ul-Jariyah in Islam i.e CONTINUOUS REWARDS EVEN AFTER DEATH, The Actions Which Outlive us!

The Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, said: “When a person dies [the benefit] of his deeds ends, except three: a continuous sadaqah, knowledge from which benefit is derived, or a pious child invoking Allah for him.”

Books do not go to waste, somebody at some point will refer to it and this effort (donating a book) is one way of achieving Sadaqat-ul-Jariyah, if you donate a book anyone who reads it, teach the knowledge to others, act upon the knowledge, the rewards will come back to YOU i.e. the person who donated the book. Therefore it is strongly recommended you participate in this effort!

To donate a book (s) please check the box(es). If the book selected has already be donated, you will be contacted via email insha’Allah to revise your choice.

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