When I leave from my house…

قال أبو سليمان الداراني: إني لأخرج من منزلي فما يقع بصري على شيء إلا رأيت لله عليّ فيه نعمة ولي فيه عبرة.

Abu Sulaimaan al-Daarani who said, “When I leave from my house, my sight does not fall upon anything save that I see in it a blessing from Allah upon me as well as a lesson in it for me.”

(Tafseer ibn Katheer)

Poet said:

إذا المرء كانت له فكرة *** ففي كل شيء له عبرة

If one is able to think

Then, in everything is a lesson for him.

May Allah make us from the muttaffakiroon.

More on the issue in Arabic:


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