Ash-Sha’bi had said:

لو أصبت تسعة وتسعين وأخطأت واحدة لأخذوا الواحدة وتركوا التسعة والتسعين

“If you were right ninety-nine time and erred once, they would seize the single error and forget the ninety-nine”.

{“Hilyah al-‘Awliyah”, 4/320}.

Ad-Dhahabi had said:

والكمال عزيز ، وإنما يمدح العالم بكثرة ما له من الفضائل ، فلا تدفن المحاسن لورطة
“Completeness is very rare, so a scholar is praised for the may virtues he has, so good qualities are not buried due to a single failing.”

{“As-Siyar”, 16/285}.

Abdullah Ibn Mubarak had said:

إذا غلبت محاسن الرجال على مساوئه لم تذكر المساوئ، وإذا غلبت المساوئ على المحاسن لم تذكر المحاسن
“If the good qualities of a person (greatly) outweigh his bad qualities, then his bad qualities are not mentioned, and if his bad qualities (greatly) outweigh his good qualities, then his good qualities are not mentioned.”

{“As-Siyar”, 8/532}.

Ibn Musayyib had said:

إنه ليس من شريف ولا عالم ولا ذي فضل إلا وفيه عيب ولكن من الناس من لا ينبغي أن تذكر عيوبه: من كان فضله أكثر من نقصه وهب نقصه لفضله
“There is no honourable person, scholar or doer of good except that he has a shortcoming. However, there are some people to whom we should not mention their faults , that is, those whose good deeds exceed their faults”.

{“Sifat as-Safwah”, 2/81}.

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